Awarded as Microsoft MVP Visual Basic.NET in FY09Q2

Posted at : Jan/05/2009
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In the beginning of 2009 year i'm awarded as Microsoft MVP Visual Basic.NET in Fiscal Year 2009 Quarter 2. This award is given from Microsoft to the individual who actively share their knowledge based on his / her expertise.

I would like to say thank to Mr.Narenda Wicaksono, Mr.Wely, others Microsoft Indonesia employee, members of geeks community, and members of MUGI community.  This would be a trigger for me to give the bigger contribution to community than i ever done. And i hope there will be more new MVPs from Indonesia...


Junindar  Jan/06/2009 02:35:00 :
Selamat mas Ruly..bener kata wely mas ruly dapet MVP taon ini.., mungkin mas ruly ga kenal saya.tapi saya sering maen2 kesini, update ilmu... maen2 juga mas ke blog saya... Sekali lagi selamat..
Rully  Jan/06/2009 03:52:59 :
@Junindar : Halo mas Junindar...namanya udah saya kenal kok, cuma belum pernah ketemu muka saja :)...thx mas Junindar.
Junindar  Jan/06/2009 05:23:25 :
he..he.. ntar kalau saya pulang ..kita ketemu di bandung... :)
Rully  Jan/13/2009 05:27:18 :
@Junindar : Siap mas Junindar...tinggal kontak2 saja :D
Satrio  May/18/2011 10:16:27 :


Wah, expert" ni..

saya boleh nanya" ttg buat Smartdevice g?

lagi mumet TA saya T,T....

Koneksi DB Mysql ke server hosting blum bisa..

Minta emailnya boleh mas?

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